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Illuminations – Your Way to Lightness

What is Illuminations?
Workgroups that you can participate in via conference call.  Each month the focus shifts and you can join in at any time.  It’s affordable and simple.

The January 2015 workshop is Your Evolution Resolution. You will learn how to achieve your most important goals; whether you want to lose weight, gain wealth, feel better or find happiness this approach will work for you.

Illuminations ™ provides a set of tools so you can create lightness using a simple methodology which will illuminate your path to success.    Wellness expert and founder Jenny Gallagher chose the word Illuminations for several reasons.  One is to highlight an important consideration.

Did you know only 10% of your mind is used for conscious thought?  That means 90% of the mind operates subconsciously, so most of your daily actions are automatic.  These habits and our past conditioning are extremely efficient when they are in alignment with our goals.  But if you are not succeeding with a goal it is likely your subconscious mind is unwittingly sabotaging you.

There are many ways to create awareness and positive change, however most people find it feels like ‘hard work’.  For example, most of us know what we should do to be healthy, however we believe we must punish ourselves with ‘diet’ and ‘exercise’ and therefore choose not to. So if ‘knowing’ isn’t the answer what is?

Illuminations provides a holistic approach that includes the missing link.  First you must discover what you value and enjoy.  We will refer to this as the heart, or your feelings. That’s where our focus resides in Illuminations.   In other words we create awareness about how we want to feel (heart) and then on what we want to achieve (mind) and how to succeed (body).

The Illuminations approach will introduce you to ancient concepts in a modern and applicable manner so you can learn how to take the guesswork out.  You will also learn about the latest scientific discoveries in the areas of health, wellness and success.  Want to learn more?  Contact Jenny today at 941-724-9922 or .