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Our nation spent 2.8 trillion dollars in healthcare in 2013 and yet we are sicker than ever.  Do you find it puzzling?

There’s a missing ingredient and that is ‘you’.  Are you:

  • confused by all the latest health and wellness trends?
  • not quite sure what to do to feel better?
  • doing all the right things such as working with your doctors and still don’t feel well?

Then you have come to the right place.

Jenny’s expertise is unique.  With two-decades of healthcare analytics experience and an equal amount of time spent studying ancient teachings including Yoga and Ayurveda, her east meets west approach brings the wisdom of both to you. Jenny is a keen observer of trends and data and has a thirst for learning, focusing on the best teachers in the world.  Through these lens, she develops an individualized solution the foundation of which has helped thousands.  Now her mission is to reach millions through Illuminations ™, a specialized approach to help you reduce stress and improve success.

When you are in a state of balance, or wellbeing, you thrive. Experience Jenny’s holistic style:

  • Private wellness consultation (phone, Skype, Facetime or in-person)
  • Group or private yoga session (Skype, Facetime or in-person)
  • Online workgroups (Register now for the January 2015 Illuminations – Your Evolution Resolution 4 week program


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Introducing Illuminations

An easy an affordable approach to success.  For details click here