Jenny's 3 book series work well on their own but together can help you to create meaningful change. Four Steps to a Better Life (2007) created the groundwork for people to shift from “I can’t because…” to “I-C-A-N” and provided four actionable steps to success. Award winning and internationally sold Yen Path: Taking Steps Towards What You Want in Life (2011) provides a more detailed methodology. You start by deepening your awareness about your yen because many times we are too vague with our wording for our goals and dreams. Both of these books share ancient yoga teachings in an approachable, modern way without mention of a single yoga posture.

Her new book is called Mind Over Mat: Having Fun While Focusing on What Matters provides a movement-based approach using yoga and other forms of activity to experience alignment of mind, body and goal. While the approach is active and fun it also provides a valuable connection that can only be attained through practice. Mind Over Mat is great for yoga teachers and students that want to explore a new approach with their practice and anyone looking for a fun new approach to managing change in their lives.

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