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YEN PATH: Taking Steps Towards What You Want in Life

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Mind Over Mat: Having Fun While Focusing on What Mattters

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Four Steps to a Better Life Book
by Jenny Gallagher

With the right motivation, anyone can lead a more fulfilling life. Jenny Gallagher offers a means to that motivation here, in short, highly readable chapters full of inspirational and effective tools that you can begin integrating into your busy schedule starting today.

Her Four Steps say it all: the “I-C-A-N” approach of intention, clarity, action, and next steps allows for an easy-to-remember strategy that lets you set goals you can reach, take action that delivers results, and much more.

Don’t put your dreams and goals off any longer!


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news-article Portland Business Journal
September 11, 2009
Guest Column by Jenny Gallagher

“Fit body, good nutrition essential to executive productivity”.

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