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About Jenny Gallagher                                               

jenny-gallagher-aboutWellness expert Jenny Gallagher opened her first business in 2002. She is a private consultant, public speaker, 3-time published book author and Yoga teacher with an E-RYT 200 certification. And, Jenny has developed her own yoga brand called Illuminations Yoga. She is trained as a Life, Business and Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutritionist and is currently enrolled in a Masters in Ayurvedic Nutrition program. Jenny has hosted two talk radio shows focused on wellness where she interviewed hundreds of wellness experts. She is also co-founder of Business Success+, which offers employers a complementary wellness program called the Individual Health Care Investment Program™.

Prior to her wellness enterprises, Jenny spent 20+ years in corporate healthcare. That, along with her growing interest and study in stress management and wellness lead to the following conclusion:   People are inundated with information; much of which is conflicting or unappealing.  This increases stress and fuels unhealthy lifestyle choices.  “People are seeking comfort and ease in their hectic lives. When people feel better physically, mentally and emotionally they are more likely to excel in all areas of their life.” Jenny has dedicated her life to helping people to feel better.  She believes a key ingredient of healthcare is absent in most people, and that is passion for living their optimum life.  Gallagher Solutions, Inc. teaches people how to feel better and to reduce stress in their lives by offering a variety of services and products to help people to improve their quality of life.

As a yoga teacher Jenny has provided over 2,000 hours of yoga class instruction and workshops to a wide range of students from children in public schools to adults of all ages.  As an E-RYT 200 she helps yoga teachers recertify through Yoga Alliance®. Illuminations Yoga has two distinct product offerings: one for yoga teachers wanting to refine their skills and to learn how to run a business and the second for anyone who wants to manifest positive change in their lives through that ancient practice.

As a published author and public speaker Jenny shares her fun and practical approach to positive change.  Jenny caters her talks to meet the needs of the group; topics can range from how to manage stress, improve organizational skills, learn relaxation techniques, and feel more energized.  As a consultant and coach, Jenny works with businesses and individuals that are looking for solutions to create break through results.